Skype message print

This site will format your skype chat ready for printing direct from your browser.

It will format the output in a neat table with the date, time, name and message all seperated. All the emotes and smilies will be included:

Note: This site will add a seperate background colour for the messages of each individual in the chat, but most browsers do not print background colours by default. Therefore will need to change your browser settings to print background colours.

To use the site, open skype and use the history feature to access the messages. Select and copy the messages you want to print. If there is less than a few hundred, just paste them into the box below. If there are more, paste them into a normal text editor like notepad, save the file, and upload the file to this site using the option towards the bottom of this page.

So, either, paste your chat below, and click print...

... or if you have lots of messages, paste them into a file on your computer, (using a utility like notepad), save the file. Then upload the file below.

A few advanced options (adjust these if you like then enter your messages above.)

Note: This site does not keep any messages which are submitted!

This is a new system that I wrote to print my own skype messages. I have put it here in the hope it will help otheres. If you have any problems or suggestions, please email me at

I fixed an issue where lines that have been word-wrapped were being cut short. This should be okay now. I am planning to add the ability to change the print-font size in the near future. Let me know using the email address above if you need this urgently.